Build relationships that drive your business while we take care of the fine print.

Professionalism. Legal Expertise. Business Competence

Relationships are key to every business venture. While you focus on building relationships that grow your business, we will manage the inherent risks. This means pro-actively preventing business disputes and making sure your contracts actually help you. It means setting up processes to ensure that you are paid on time and that your ideas are protected, while fostering long-lasting and positive relationships with clients, partners, suppliers and employees.Not only are we your legal counsel – we are your business partner. For more than 10 years the law firm Max C. Mahnkopf has been providing collaborative, solution-oriented and cost-effective legal industries for large and small businesses of all kinds. Whether through negotiation, dispute resolution or trial, our extensive legal experience and practical business competence will help resolve your issues.

“Not only are we your legal counsel – we are your business partner.”

We serve any company in any industry, but we have special qualifications and experience in the following areas:

  • 01
    Media and Publishers
  • 02
    Cultural Institutions and Entertailment
  • 03
    Manufacturing and Engineering
  • 04
  • 05
    Advertising and Modeling Agencies

Our law firm is specialized in all facets of the corporate law, with an emphasis on the field of intellectual and industrial property rights. Find below a selection of our wide range of services supporting the growth of your business.

  • 01
    Support your business with legal counsel
  • 02
    Ensure full payment of your work
  • 03
    Design reliable partnership agreements
  • 04
    Settle disputes and clear up misconceptions
  • 05
    Review and negotiate your contracts with customers and suppliers
  • 06
    Safeguard your intellectual property worldwide
  • 07
    Organize legal procedures efficiently through Legal Project Management
  • 08
    Defend your business assets
  • 09
    Represent you and your business in court
  • 10
    Provide ad-hoc emergency guidance for crisis communication
  • 11
    Advise you regarding your international online business transactions
  • 12
    Apply tactics to accelerate the resolvement of your legal disputes
  • 13
    Identify your legal and business risks and provide practical solutions
  • 14
    Watch “Boston legal” all night for inspiration

Attorney Max C. Mahnkopf and his team have been providing legal counsel and litigation services to entrepreneurs and businesses since 2005. The primary focus of our law firm is the protection of intellectual and industrial property rights. Through our extensive international network we are safeguarding the interests of our clients worldwide. Further our clients benefit from our long-standing good relationships with notaries, patent agents and intellectual property authorities, resulting in efficient processes and thus reduced lead times and costs. Our main objective is to avoid litigation in the first place, so you can focus on growing your business. Solution orientation, creativity and wholehearted determination empower us to achieve favorable settlements, keeping you and your business out of the courtroom. But sometimes the consensual solution is not in your best interest. When litigation is needed, Max C. Mahnkopf has the experience, knowledge and resolute demeanor to help you win your case. For more than 10 years, the law firm Max C. Mahnkopf has been attaining satisfactory resolutions for its clients business disputes – let us achieve the same for you.

Max Mahnkopf